three steps purification process

BlackResin’s Unique Three Step Purifying Process


Our team of harvesters personally trek the unforgiving terrain to source, select and then ethically purify our shilajit using our unique three step purifying method. All of our Shilajit resin is sourced from minus degree temperature altitudes at 16,000 feet upwards from the Himalayas.

Our Blackresin Shilajit is sought after by the best Ayurveda and Tibetan medical practitioners of our time.

Our purification & filtertion process:

  • shilajit-water-icon We use Himalayan Mountain Spring Water to purify and filter our shilajit resin.
  • shilajit-seed-icon Our Shilajit resin is filtered using NANO filters.
  • shilajit-sun-icon Sun-dried – Not once is our shilajit heated artificially or cooked during the extraction or filtration process. This method of ours ensures that our shilajit resin retains its natural integrity, potency and purity from procurement to the jar and then to you – our end user.

The above unique filtering process sets Blackresin apart from all it’s competitors and other premium shilajit suppliers globally.

You will find that Blackresin Shilajit becomes a paste like substance at normal room temperatures. It is best to keep it refrigerated for an hour before you open the cap of the jar. This will ensure that the Shilajit resin doesn’t stick to the cap.

“The tears of the Himalayan Mountains, nestled in a jar” Br