Blackresin are 100% pure Shilajit resin suppliers. We openly invite our customers to try and source any other Shilajit resin suppliers in the marketplace, who procure their Shilajit resin using the exact same technique and method that we adopt. Our Shilajit mineral pitch is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains. It is extracted from the most unforgiving and difficult terrain in the world, in minus degree temperature altitudes. Blackresin go to great lengths during the purification process to maintain the integrity, potency and purity of our shilajit resin. More importantly, our shilajit resin is never heated or cooked using popular artificial heating methods. As a principal, we avoid artificially heating the shilajit resin, as this substantially reduces and compromises the potency of the amino acids and other important trace minerals found within the shilajit resin. We use the best mountain spring water available for our purifying process and it doesn’t end there, we also use high quality Organic Moringa seeds augmented with NANO filters to filter our shilajit resin. Blackresin
guarantee that no dust or grit will be found in our product.

Blackresinshilajitis tested in four separate labs in 4 different countries for harmful metals analysis. Our batches are tested in the USA CWC Lab, Australia ALS Lab, Nepal Zest Lab and Pakistan PCSIR Lab. BlackresinShilajit has been rated a whopping A++ by CWC in the USA. Blackresin are so confident in the purity and high standard of our product, that we provide a money-back guarantee if the product does not live up to this promise.

Our unique purification and filtration process is described below:

  • We use Himalayan Mountain Spring Water to purify and filter our shilajit resin.
  • Our shilajit resin is filtered using High Quality Organic Moringa seeds & NANO
  • Sun-dried – Not once is our Premium Gold shilajit heated artificially or cooked during the extraction or filtration process. This method of ours ensures that our shilajit resin retains its natural integrity, potency and purity, from procurement to the jar and then to you – our end user.

The above unique filtering process sets Blackresin apart from all of it’s competitors and other premium shilajit suppliers globally.

We remove all the middle men through our procurement process. Blackresin work directly with Shilajit harvesters, who have acquired centuries of knowledge in the expertise of acquiring and harvesting the best quality shilajit resin, a uninterrupted continued chain of knowledge and knowhow passed down to them by their forefathers. This way Blackresin eliminate the possibility of procuring low grade shilajit from our sourcing process, we simply employ local ethical farmers who are intimately connected with the landscape and environment.


Our Shilajit is harvested from above 16,000 feet from the Himalayan Mountains. It is filtered and purified using the best techniques available and is unmatched globally in its potency and purity.

You will find that BlackresinShilajit becomes a paste like substance at normal room temperatures. It is best to keep it refrigerated for an hour before you open the cap of the jar, this will ensure that the Shilajit resin doesn’t stick to the cap.

*We export BlackresinShilajit World-wide.

“The tears of the Himalayan Mountains, nestled in a jar” Br