How To Test For Authentic Shilajit Resin


Its vital that you know how to test shilajit resin for authenticity, as only 1% of the Global marketed products labelled shilajit are as what they claim to be. Sadly most are of inferior in quality, have other mineral fillers in them or are mummyo products claiming to be pure Shilajit Resin, duping the untrained novice.

So Why So Many Fake Shilajit Resin Products?

Quite simply, it’s a very rare product, its difficult and very arduous to source, also the filtering process using traditional ethical practices like sun-drying/Steam-drying is time-consuming… Had it been easy and simple to source authentic Shilajit Resin, very few scrupulous sellers would exist or ubiquitous imitations in the marketplace that are so widely available and bought by many unsuspecting users.

Shilajit’s Rarity

The graph below showcased by an independent source, reveals just how rare shilajit is in relation to other just as considerably rare commodities, lagging not so far behind Uranium at No 1, taking 3rd position no less on the list of the rarest things to be found on Earth. Rarer and more expensive than saffron, 100 year old balsamic vinegar and the world’s most expensive wine, Château Petrus 82 for all the connoisseurs of wine out there.

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Blackresin have put in place strict barriers of entry to remove scrupulous middlemen throughout our shilajit procurement process. We work directly and diligently with seasoned Shilajit harvesters, who have acquired specialist knowledge and expertise in the art of sourcing and purifying the best quality shilajit resin, its an uninterrupted chain of knowledge and know-how, passed down to them by their forefathers.

This way we have eliminated the possibility of procuring low-grade shilajit from our sourcing process, we simply rely upon the expertise of and employ local ethical harvesters renowned for their reputation by Ayurvedic practitioners for being intimately connected with their landscape, environment and keen eye for harvesting premium grade Shilajit.

Our Shilajit is harvested from above 16,000 feet from the Himalayan Mountains & Altai Mountains. It is filtered and purified using the best techniques available in the industry, unmatched globally for its potency and purity.

How to Test Shilajit for Authenticity?

  • It should melt in your hand, becoming sticky and gooey. When placed in the fridge- freezer, it will become very hard and shatter like glass when struck with a hard object.
  • It should dissolves in warm water or warm milk within five minutes without the need to stir it, the milk/water should turn golden or reddish black in colour.
  • It will not set on fire or burn when put to a flame. It will bubble and enlarge while becoming ash.
  • When stretch it will continue like a thread.
  • It will be viscous at room temperature and not hard like Mummiyo – this stuff is often of inferior quality and typically has harmful metals in it. Pleaese consider the advice of Dr Edward’s cautionary tip below:




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